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Tooth Whitening Leeds

Tooth Whitening Leeds

Three Effective Options for a White, Bright Smile

Everyday life can be hard on our teeth, especially if we regularly indulge in tea, coffee, red wine, cigarettes, and certain foods. Taking particular medications, a range of certain health conditions, or the simple and inevitable process of aging can discolour your teeth over time.

Eccleshill Dental believe that we all deserve to be proud of our smiles. They offer three options for tooth whitening, Leeds residents as well as those elsewhere can transform teeth you try and hide into a bright and beautiful beaming smile with the latest technology in tooth whitening Leeds, and beyond.

Here are their three tooth whitening options explained:

Introduction to Tooth Whitening Leeds

This is Eccleshill Dental’s most basic option, perfect if your budget is tight, time’s limited, or your teeth don’t need a great deal ofwhitening.

You’ll be provided with a pack of 20 disposable trays, ten upper and ten lower, which are premade and are heat activated to mould to the conformation of your teeth. They are filled with hydrogen peroxide gel which is a bleaching agent that removes unsightly stains from your teeth.

This option, provided by Opalescence, is a great choice because the trays only need to be worn for two hours and can be carried around with you; the process in easy to undertake, and you don’t need to go into the clinic to have impressions made of your teeth.

Tailored tooth whitening Leeds

The next step up in the tooth whitening selection, this option requires moulds to be taken of your teeth, providing a better fit to the shape of your mouth, and ultimately better results. These custom made trays can be used more than once, making them perfect for future top ups of your dazzlingly white smile.

You can choose between two types of gel, one that is used during the day for two hours, and the other which slowly becomes hydrogen peroxide over time and can be worn for longer. It has a longer shelf life than hydrogen peroxide so is recommended if you want to put some aside for top up whitening at a later date.

This option comes with a consultation from a cosmetic dentist including advice on the treatment best for you and a loyalty card future gel purchases to economise over time.

Enlighten Evolution Cosmetic Whitening

The premium tooth whitening treatment, Leeds residents will notice dramatic results with this system, which is the only one in the world that can whiten teeth up to 16 shades and uses the highest concentration of whitening gel that’s safe to use on the gums.

One of Eccleston Dental’s Enlighten accredited cosmetic dentists will take impressions of your teeth to send to the Enlighten laboratory, where the professional will create your reusable custom trays. While this is happening, you’ll be given a tooth serum to use instead of toothpaste twice a day to boost the whitening effect and protect your teeth.

You can then collect your trays and use them every night for two weeks, returning to the clinic for a final treatment to enhance and maintain the colour.

For those looking for tooth whitening Leeds or elsewhere, this is truly the gold standard and will dramatically transform your smile.

To learn more about Eccleshill Dental’s professional tooth whitening services, visit their website today or call them on 01274 633406. Formed of an established and award-winning team of industry professionals with a welcoming an honest attitude, Eccleshill Dental is the first choice for tooth whitening Leeds, or beyond.