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Teeth Whitening Bradford

Teeth Whitening Bradford

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening Bradford

Everyday life can take a heavy toll on our teeth. From smoking, to eating strong foods and drinking liquids like red wine, tea and coffee, our teeth bear the brunt of our lifestyles, often leaving them more yellow-brown than pearly white.

The solution: tooth whitening Bradford – based dentists, Eccleston Dental, offer three grades of teeth whitening Bradford residents and those further afield can experience a new and brilliant set of teeth with a range of treatments that gently whiten the teeth, removing the staining and uncovering a vibrant new smile.

Here are some of the many benefits of this simple and effective treatment.

A good impression

Despite it being an unfortunate case of judging a book by its cover, there’s no denying that people respond well to a clean, white, set of teeth. Whether you’re going for a job interview, a hot date, or just meeting friends, clean teeth give the impression that you look after yourself, making tooth whitening Bradford or beyond, a great investment for your social and professional life.

Self esteem

There’s nothing more confidence-killing than feeling self-conscious about parting your lips in a happy smile. People lacking confidence in their smile will often hold a hand in front of their mouth or avoid smiling properly, trying to speak with their lips almost closed. No one deserves to suffer this level of insecurity, and the solution is teeth whitening Bradford. Local residents and those further afield should contact Eccleshill Dental for more details.

Motivation for dental maintenance

Many dentists say that people are more likely to brush, floss, and avoid habits that stain and adversely affect teeth once they have had their teeth whitened. So the process could actually improve the health of your teeth in the long term.

A wonderful smile

Of course, the biggest and best benefit of teeth whitening, Bradford-based or beyond, is a big, beautiful smile!

What’s on offer at Eccleshill Dental?

Introduction to tooth whitening

This is the least costly of the three options for teeth whitening Bradford. Locals and those further afield may wish to use this technique to give the process a try before committing in full.

A pack of twenty ‘trays’ that mould to the shape of your teeth are provided: they are pre-filled with hydrogen peroxide gel and can only be used once, for two hours during the day, before being thrown away.

The process is quick and easy but for those wanting more drastic teeth whitening Bradford or residents elsewhere may wish to try a more rigorous treatment option.

Tailored cosmetic tooth whitening

In this case, the trays are made to measure, fitting your teeth more precisely, and can be worn more than once for ‘top-up’ sessions to deal with ongoing darkening of the teeth. There are options to wear the trays during the day or at night, and Eccleshill Dental provide full consultation to advise on the best way to approach the process of tooth whitening.

Enlighten Evolution cosmetic whitening

Combining the lightening gel with a special serum for daily use over a period of two weeks, this premium treatment produces dramatic results and comes with trays that can be used for future whitening. You receive a consultation at the beginning and end of the treatment for superlative results in teeth whitening Bradford or elsewhere.

For full details on their range of teeth whitening treatments, contact Eccleshill Dental today on 01274 633406 or visit their website. Formed from an award-winning team of dentists, nurses, and support staff, Eccleshill Dental provide both general and cosmetic dentistry with the highest level of professionalism and a friendly welcome.