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Teeth Implants Otley

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Teeth Implants Otley

Dental Implants – Your Questions Answered

If you’re looking for a dental technology that’s both cutting-edge and permanent, choose teeth implants Otley residents and beyond may find them the perfect solution to their dental problems.

Eccleshill Dental are specialists in a range of dental treatments, offering years of skill and an understanding attitude to their clients. They provide professionally inserted teeth implants.

Otley-based and offering services to those further afield, their award-winning team will take care of every stage in the process, from initial consultation to ongoing follow-up.

They’re here to answer all your questions about dental implants and give you the information you need before opting to go ahead with replacing your missing teeth.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants consist of a titanium screw which is inserted into the bone of the jaw, replacing the root of the tooth. A crown or denture is affixed to this using a special attachment. Over time, the bone of the jaw fuses with the titanium screw, meaning that teeth implants are a stable base for an artificial tooth.

What’s the implant process?

The initial insertion of the screw can be somewhat uncomfortable, but a temporary false tooth will be fitted to it on the day of the insertion, so you can leave with your smile intact. Once the screw has grafted to the bone over several weeks, you can return to the clinic to have your permanent artificial tooth fitted, leaving you with a complete and beautiful smile.

Who are they suitable for?

When considering teeth implants Otley residents and those elsewhere need to have healthy teeth and gums surrounding the implant site. Your general health, the quality of bone tissue in your jaw, and the position and number of your missing teeth are all factors that your dentist will evaluate before approving the process. They’re suitable for anyone over the age of 18 and require consultations and follow up appointments to make sure everything progresses without complications.

What are the benefits?

Those who go ahead with teeth implants Otley and elsewhere, will enjoy a number of advantages over other, less advanced treatments for missing teeth. These include: a natural look and feel; no adverse effects or interference with surrounding teeth necessary to facilitate the process; a secure and permanent solution for missing teeth that is based in the solid foundation of the bone of the jaw; and no need for any glues or other products to support the implanted tooth.

For teeth implants Otley residents and beyond can rely on the proficiency and honest approach of Eccleshill Dental’s award-winning and experienced team. Contact them today on 01274 633406 for further advice on a wide range of dental solutions, or visit their website.

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