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When You Should See Your Emergency Dentist Bradford or Beyond

Our teeth are a precious part of our bodies, and something that we often take for granted when they’re healthy and functioning with no problems. But sometimes accidents happen or sudden ailments strike, and you may need to find an emergency dentist: Bradford, luckily, has a few to choose from.

Eccleshill Dental is a dental practice and emergency dentist Bradford, with thirty years’ experience of treating patients with a combination of expertise and a warm and friendly attitude. They are here to provide some valuable advice on when to see an emergency dentist Bradford or elsewhere.

Causes of injury

Despite their hardiness, teeth can be damaged or dislodged by a variety of incidents or conditions: abscesses from bacterial infections, sports injuries, trauma through fighting, and falls or knocks. All of these things will cause pain, and require medical attention for resolution.

Here are the different categories or injury or condition that commonly arise:

An ‘extruded’ tooth

This is an injury often caused by a knock or impact to the face or jaw, and leaves one of your teeth very loose or hanging by thin threads of tissue. Try and replace the tooth where it belongs and hold it there with your cheek while you make an appointment to see the emergency dentist.

An ‘avulsed’ tooth

This is where you lose a tooth completely. Try and retrieve the tooth and replace it in situ if you can, or bring it with you to the emergency dentist Bradford or elsewhere, in a glass of milk.

A broken tooth

If the tooth is bleeding, very painful, or has a sharp edge when broken, then make an emergency appointment. If none of these factors occur with a broken tooth, you may be able to wait for the following day to see a dentist.

An accident that causes severe pain

If you have had an impact to the teeth or jaw that is causing you ongoing pain, see your emergency dentist to investigate the cause, even if you have not lost any teeth. The same applies if you are bleeding copiously from the gums.

A severe abscess

If you have an abscess that is causing you to experience flu-like symptoms.

When to go to A and E

Go the hospital as a matter of urgency if you think you may be suffering from a concussion, if you have serious trouble breathing or swallowing, or if you are bleeding uncontrollably.

In summary

If you have experienced an accident, injury, or developed pain involving your teeth, you need to take action. If you’ve suffered an accident, experience pain in your jaw or think it may be broken, go to A and E. Otherwise, contact the Eccleshill Dental emergency dentist Bradford, who pride themselves on offering emergency appointments on the same day that you call, or within 24 hours.

For an experienced, fast-response emergency dentist Bradford, contact Eccleshill Dental today on 01274 633406 or visit their website. With a team of professional dentists, the latest in cutting edge dental technology, including its two orthodontic systems, Quick Straight Teeth and Fastbraces, and an honest, caring attitude that has earned them a solid base of loyal clientele over the years, Eccleshill Dental are the first choice for emergency dental care.