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Cosmetic Dentist Leeds

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Cosmetic Dentist Leeds

The What, Why and How of Cosmetic Dentistry Leeds

Aside from the necessary maintenance and treatment of dental problems like cavities, gum disease, infections, and fillings. There are a range of treatments available that may not always be strictly necessary but which can have significant and appreciable advantages.

Eccleshill Dental, formed of an award-wining team of staff who are professionals in general dentistry. They are also an outstanding cosmetic dentist, friendly, honest, and experienced, they’re here to provide some valuable advice on what you can expect from a cosmetic dentist Leeds or elsewhere.

Cosmetic Dentist Leeds

Here are some of the services that they offer:

Stain removal

Stains caused by smoking, drinking, and eating can be unsightly and confidence-draining. Go to your cosmetic dentist Leeds, or close to where you live, to benefit from a high-power air flow polishing treatment which combines air, lemon-flavoured powder and water to remove stains. Subsequently, complementary high gloss polish is applied to the teeth using diamond polishing paste, leaving your teeth looking clean and new.

Eccleshill Dental can provide either intense stain removal for ingrained staining, or a briefer refresh to maintain the whiteness of your smile.

Tooth whitening

A level up from stain removal, tooth whitening involves the application of a pair of trays containing a special whitening substance. There are several different options available, ranging in price, effectiveness, and longevity.

These include: the Introduction to Tooth Whitening, which provides a pack of disposable 10 upper and 10 lower trays pre-filled with hydrogen peroxide, which only need to be worn for 2 hours. Tailored Tooth whitening, which includes custom made reusable trays that can be worn day or night. Enlighten Evolution Cosmetic Whitening, which is the premium treatment, giving dramatic results.


These are perfect for repairing damaged or chipped teeth, improving the appearance of twisted teeth, covering up badly discoloured teeth, or improving the look of teeth that haven’t developed properly. They are thin shells of tooth-coloured material made from either porcelain or a composite; they are applied to the prepared surface of the tooth and can immediately transform your smile from dull to delightful.


Removable or implant retained replacements for missing teeth, dentures look and function like normal, healthy teeth and are another speciality of the cosmetic dentist Leeds residents should contact Eccleshill Dental for more information.


Crowns are made from either a combination of porcelain and metal, just metal, or ceramic. They are affixed to the top of the tooth, providing a cap to the degraded tooth which improves the quality of your bite and protects teeth from further damage.


Eccleshill Dental has two orthodontic systems at the moment, both of which are suitable for anyone from approximately the age of 14 to adulthood. These quality and pioneering orthodontic systems are Quick Straight Teeth and Fastbraces. This state-of-the-art brace technology is designed to be fast, safe, affordable and effective.

For all these services and more from an experienced and friendly cosmetic dentist Leeds or beyond, contact Eccleshill Dental today on 01274 633406 or visit their website. With an established practice for thirty years, the team at Eccleshill Dental can cater to your every cosmetic dentistry need with honesty, compassion, and proficiency, to provide outstanding results.

Call us on 01274 633406 to book a consultation and discuss the options most suitable for you.

Whitening Wednesdays

Every Wednesday if you book and complete our tailored whitening treatment for 2 or more people you will receive 20% discount.