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Quick Straight Teeth and Fastbraces: Adult Braces Leeds with a Difference

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The quality of your smile is crucial to your confidence. Unsightly crooked or protruding teeth can be damaging to your self-esteem, making you fearful of expressing your happiness by truly smiling.

If you’re an adult who feels this way about their smile, why not try braces? Leeds-based dentist Eccleshill Dental are professionals in all things teeth and gum related; they also offer a revolutionary new orthodontic solution for crooked teeth that is a recent addition to the field of dentistry, and that’s causing waves of popularity among celebrities and the general populace:

Quick Straight Teeth and Fastbraces – Adult Braces Leeds.

Eccleshill Dental are here to take us through the benefits of these adult braces Leeds. Local residents and those across the nation can take advantage of this exciting new treatment.

Quick and easy

Unlike traditional braces, Quick Straight Teeth and Fastbraces have a fairly short treatment period lasting anywhere from 8 to 24 weeks for mild cases, and longer for more moderate ones.

Budget friendly

Because of the relatively rapid treatment time of these adult braces Leeds; residents can benefit from a lower cost than is often quoted for orthodontic treatment. The laboratory fees are also lower than for many types of brace, again reducing the cost and making this a truly affordable option for everyone.


Eccleshill Dental’s two pioneering orthodontic systems, Quick Straight Teeth and Fastbraces are designed on the assumption that a mouth full of silver metal is the last thing that an adult needs; all of the fixings and wires used are tooth coloured or clear, meaning that your brace is almost invisible.


Discomfort and even pain are one of the unfortunate hallmarks of wearing braces Leeds-based Eccleshill Dental can fit your Quick Straight Teeth and Fastbraces to ensure that the minimum of discomfort is caused, making the treatment manageable and very much worth the effort.


There are two types of Quick Straight Teeth brace, one of which is fixed and the other removable. The Q Fixed Braces Leeds use clear brackets, typically affixed only to the front 6 or 8 teeth to minimise disruption to your mouth. This treatment provides fast, reliable tooth alignment for mild to moderate orthodontic issues by using gentle pressure.

The Q Removable Braces are a transparent plastic mould that fits over the teeth and is almost completely invisible. It is removable and works as a series of braces that address the problem over the weeks.

Eccleshill Dental offer a wide range of dentistry in their state-of-the-art treatment rooms in Leeds. They’re qualified to consult on and install a wide range of braces Leeds. Local residents and those further afield can have straight teeth in record time with this revolutionary new orthodontic technology. For more information, call Eccleshill Dental today on 01274 633406 or contact us.